Paso MX5539 9-channel mixer with 2 outputs

 MX5539 Voice Alarm Control Equipment
Model CodeMX5539
Number of channels>4
Loudspeaker line supervision: Impedance measurementYes
Call stacking/recordingYes
Model Info

The Paso MX5539 mixer is a pre-amplifier and mixer with advanced technical features. Its versatility and user-friendliness make it suitable for a vast range of professional applications. The number of inputs at disposal and which can be further expanded, the PHANTOM power supply for the electret microphones and microphone priority are just a few of the most important features of this product.

The MX5539 mixer can be used either as a conventional mixer for microphones or to manage small conferences, due to the microphone precedence circuit. It is possible to connect two or more mixers in cascade fashion to increase the total number of inputs at disposal. The LCFs (Low Cut Filters) introduce basic equalising for improving the intelligibility of speech.

Functional features are as follows:

• MIC1 input with voice activation (VOX) with priority over all the other inputs
• 8 inputs with selectable sensitivity (Mic/Mic-LCF/Line)
• Phantom power supply on all microphone inputs
• Selection of the output channel for each input (L, R or L+R)
• Separate level control for each input
• Two balanced output channels (L and R)
• Tone control and master level control for each output
• Output for recorder
• Contact-based priority of MIC1 input over inputs 2 to 9
• Voice activation of MIC2 and MIC3 over MIC2 to MIC9 (enabled via the front panel)
• Four-tone warning signal activated by means of a contact or push-button, level control and output channel control

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